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Spray First Pressure Washing & Cleaning

We pride ourselves on delighting clients with an excellent customer experience each time our pressure washing/power cleaning services are contracted in Vail, Arizona. Ours is a company operated by enthusiastic, passionate, and hardworking people to help both residential and commercial clients keep their property squeaky clean with our professional expertise.

Let’s face it: as much as you want your property to be the cynosure of all eyes, and a beautiful haven for every visitor, it may be difficult to keep it that way if there are difficult stains splattered on your premises. This type of stain can only be removed with the help of pressure washers/power cleaners like us at Spray First pressure washing/power washing contractors.


Here at Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning contractors, our professionals would help restore your building to its brand new look. Therefore, making the perceived value of your property increase and as well as making your heart swell with the pride of someone who maintains things in great shape even after long-time ownership. Our service is available for homeowners, commercial clients, as well as industrial clients.

Every area of your property contributes a quota to its perceived value. Therefore, our expertise is suitable for cleaning everything worth cleaning. From the fence, patio, and driveway, to the retail shops, industrial facilities, and the decks. Our team of pressure washing/power cleaning technicians is available to help you get rid of all specks of dirt at all times wherever you are in the city of Vail, Arizona. 

Our goal is to ensure you enjoy prompt and effective results whenever you hire our expertise in restoring the beauty of your property by leveraging our multiple expertise and technical know-how of advanced technologies to keep your property free of mud, dirt, and mold in ways you can never dream or think possible with manual labor.

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We attach importance to the safety of our clients. Here at Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning we avoid using harsh chemicals for any of the cleaning services we are paid to provide. These chemicals contribute to health complications, such as respiratory diseases, headaches, as well as intense allergic reactions. We have established a safe and harmless process for cleaning your property without exposing you to dangers of any degree.

Our crew members at Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning contractors are trained on how to use eco-friendly and modern machines to clean the surfaces on your property. With the use of modern machines, our team is better enabled in helping you restore your home to a new condition after our power cleaning exercises. Before commencing your project, our technician provides you with a strip test to show you what you can expect at the end of the cleaning exercise. At Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning, Vail, Arizona, we understand the path to a long-term relationship with our pool of clients is to delight them with wonderful experiences each time our services are hired. Hence, we do things the right way and at the right time with each unique project we work on  — yours inclusive. 

Our professionals at the best pressure washing/power cleaning service contractors in Vail, Arizona are well trained in delivering excellent customer experience. This means we conform to Industry’s best practices with each task they have been assigned. Our culture does not condone any form of shortcut. Ours is a culture that prioritizes your best interest over every other thing. If you desire to restore your property to a new look, leave it to us.

Our Services


When you need effective, diligent, and professional service providers to overhaul the look of your residential property into a new one, count on us at Spray First power cleaning/pressure washing service provider. We trained our technicians to work conscientiously to safeguard the environment while keeping unsightly stains off your properties. Here at Spray First, we are able to pressure clean dirt, molds, oils, and other stains in your home to enhance its attractiveness and also increase its value significantly should you want to seel it.


The appearance of your office building plays a role in the success of your business. If your office looks unsightly because of stains, dirt, and moss outgrowth, among others you may be causing your business more damage than you could ever imagine if you don’t take action to power clean them now. Hire our expertise to keep your building and its surroundings sparkling clean with our professional cleaning skills. We design and use the most appropriate cleaning procedure best suited for each area of your commercial property. So, give us a call today, and let’s take care of your commercial property.


Take advantage of our professional pressure washing/power cleaning service in Vail, Arizona to clean off all stains, dirt, and other debris build-ups on the surface or in the crevices of your concrete walkway, driveway, or sidewalk. We offer affordable prices and guarantee an excellent customer experience when you choose us to power wash your clean. Depending on the type of concrete structure we are cleaning for you, our expert technicians would first determine the appropriate pressure suitable for cleaning the grimes of the surface or crevices before they set to work.


The roof of your house, office building, or industrial property makes a statement about your property. The failure to clean your roof on a regular basis exposes you to the expensive cost of replacing or repairing your roof. Molds grime, or debris would damage your roof if they are not excavated on a periodic basis. While we understand that roof climbing is not everyone’s cup of tea, our expert technicians are professionally trained to clean your roof to do that for you. The benefits of a clean roof is not limited to a long-lasting roof and a beautiful property alone. It also makes your property a safe abode for you and the inhabitants.


Keep your sidewalk, deck, brick, and pavement bright and sparkling clean with our exceptional pressure washing/power cleaning service. We guarantee you a hassle-free service at very affordable pricing. We take a comprehensive approach towards cleaning these parts of your building. We take a look at the material, the surrounding plant growth, foot traffic, and more to determine the washing procedure for the best results.


Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning services can keep any deck or patio clean. Trust us to deliver a deck or patio with an all-new look with our expertise in power cleaning. We examine the decks carefully before settling for a cleaning procedure that is most efficient for erasing the prints of soil, weather, dirt, grease, and oil spills. Whether you need deck or patio cleaning, our expertly trained technicians have you covered! Prior to cleaning, we first inspect the patio or deck to enable us to design the most effective cleaning plan for you.


We are cleaning the entire Vail, Arizona, and its environs and that includes your parking lot or garage area. Just how difficult are the stains smearing your parking lot? Our expert technicians determine this before they proceed to determine the pressure needed to get rid of it without causing the slightest of damage to your garage or parking area.


We regularly provide cleaning services for all types of fences but some of the common ones are post and rail fence cleaning, panel fence washing, vinyl fence cleaning, and chain link fence cleaning, among many others. Think about it; each unique fence requires a unique method for helping to keep it clean and that’s what we are all about at Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning Vail, Arizona. We understand that a sparkling clean fence contributes to the perceived value of your property and we can help you keep it that way through our professional washing expertise.


Quickly reach out to us at Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning for other restoration services, such as window cleaning and home exterior cleaning. Our workers are trained to be able to thoroughly clean all types of surfaces without causing any damage.

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Our team is equipped with the skills and equipment necessary for getting the work done, each time we are hired for a pressure washing or cleaning service. Have you experienced instances where the machine and other resources brought by your attending power cleaners failed to work? This isn’t the case with us at Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning. Our machines are commercial grade types with powerful features for getting the work done at all times. 

Are you sure you need pressure cleaning or soft cleaning? Maybe you don’t understand the difference between the two. Not to worry, our team members look for your best interest. So, just before we take up your job, we would seek to understand your situation and, based on the information provided and our years of experience, we will be able to advise you on the best choice for you even if it means you have to walk to a competitor to get it done as we don’t provide soft cleaning services.


Here at Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning, we strive to help our clients restore their properties to a brand new look even though the property is seemingly not new. We do this by using modern machines, safe washing agents, and conforming to safety and best practices that meet your unique cleaning needs. With the aid of our power cleaning/pressure washing expertise, we can get even get rid of microorganisms, such as moss or molds sullying the beauty of your property.

In our effort to restore the beauty of your home, office building or industrial property, we consider the suitable cleaning choice for the surface to be cleaned. Power washing and pressure cleaning both do the same thing   — keep your stuff clean! However, power cleaning makes use of hot water. This makes it less ideal for household features, as it would be harsh on the surfaces of the patio, bricks, and fences, among others. The ideal mechanism for cleaning commercial properties is power cleaning as it’s larger sized and the stains would be more difficult to clean because of ‌the work going on. These are important factors and we give them serious consideration before we get started on your project.

We are driven by diligence, efficiency, and professionalism, and we will never gamble with the safety of your property by taking shortcuts or using dangerous materials or withholding important pieces of advice on cleaning-related matters as it concerns our clients. This is why we are placed as the best pressure washing/power cleaning in Vail, Arizona, and beyond. 

We go the extra mile to fulfill our promise of ensuring customer satisfaction with each project we work on whether it is roof and gutter cleaning, deck & patio power washing, garage & parking lot power washing, pavement & sidewalk power washing, fence power washing, and other property restoration services.

Are you looking for a pressure washing/power cleaning company dedicated to giving you the best value for money in a prompt and effective manner and in compliance with industry best practices? Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning in Vail, Arizona stands out among others. Reach out to us today to begin a rewarding journey towards reclaiming the beauty of your property.


It is important to clean your building regularly, the more effort a professional cleaning service has to expend in order to do your job, the higher your fee.

Power cleaning is significantly more expensive than pressure washing. This is so because power washing makes use of a machine that heats the water and power cleaning essentially requires greater skill if you want a safe job with no hazards.

Unprofessional pressure/power washers are not going to do a great job. Oftentimes, they may even damage your property as these cleaning activities require a high level of expertise in order to remove the stains and difficult grimes from tough spots.

Top of the risks to hiring shoddy people to clean your property includes loss of money. Another is some of the surfaces in your home could be damaged due to poor workmanship. Finally, it is not impossible for accidents to happen during the process of power washing your property.

Unprofessional pressure/power washers are not going to do a great job. Oftentimes, they may even damage your property as these cleaning activities require a high level of expertise in order to remove the stains and difficult grimes from tough spots.

Top of the risks to hiring shoddy people to clean your property includes loss of money. Another is some of the surfaces in your home could be damaged due to poor workmanship. Finally, it is not impossible for accidents to happen during the process of power washing your property.

Time and time again, we have helped our clients to enjoy the massive benefits in hiring professional cleaning service providers for their cleaning needs. As the best pressure washing/power cleaning in Vail, Arizona we can confidently say that no one can offer you the same level of results professional cleaners will provide after cleaning your project.

Professional cleaners make use of advanced technology to clean even the most difficult type of grime or stain, leaving the surface sparkling clean and bright. Another benefit is in how expert power washers can confidently use these advanced machines to clean your surfaces without damaging the surface.

Time is money, right? Good news! Professional pressure washers/power cleaners would save you both by working on your project so you have the time to do other things that matter to you. 

Our pressure washing/power cleaning services are available near you. We are in every state of the United States. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever you have a cleaning problem. Adamsville and York are our service pages to two other Arizona cities that are close to Vail.


Residential Pressure Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning service is available to keep your residential structures spotless. Our trained technicians conform to best practices that are both environmentally safe and are in consonant with your unique needs. With our expertise, your residence would be healthy and attractive. We will get rid of all specks of dirt sullying your surroundings and in turn, this will enhance the value of your home.

Commercial Power Washing

Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning Vail, Arizona, are the best service providers for taking care of your commercial site. Using unique techniques, environmentally friendly machines, and safe washing agents, we can conveniently help you get rid of the accumulated build-up of dirt, stain, and other particles sullying the appearance of your business place.

Roof & Gutter Washing

Loose debris, grime, and mildew would always find a supportive environment on your roof because of the impact of moisture. Leaving them to thrive without control poses a big risk to your roof and in a split second, your roof is damaged. We understand roof climbing is not as easy as it sounds and as you know, roof replacement or repair is also expensive. We will save you from both by cleaning your roof effectively.

Siding, Brick, Deck Washing

End up with a clean and spotless siding, brick, or deck along your driveway or around your property by calling the premier pressure washing/power cleaning service provider in Vail, Arizona to professionally clean them today.

Other Building Restoration

Our technicians are available for other building restoration services, such as window cleaning, or vinyl, aluminum, stucco, wood, steel, iron, glass and any type of painted surface, both inside and outside

Concrete Wash & Seal

Our knowledge of concrete washing is unmatched in the industry, we have been in this business long enough to understand the best washing technique forgetting concrete materials spotless without causing damage to the surface.

Garage & Parking Lot Power Washing

The garage area or parking lot is most susceptible to stains and dirt because of ‌activities that could potentially happen in these structures. From oil leakages to other leakages that could smear your parking or garage area. Rely on our capable team at Spray First pressure washing/power cleaning service provider to help reclaim the neatness.

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